1. Where do you source the wine from?

We work directly with our favourite winemakers from across Australia.

2. So you donate some profits – where does that money go? Tell us more about Carbon Farming Foundation.

The Carbon Farming Foundation works with farmers across the food and agricultural sector in Australia to help facilitate farmer-led carbon projects.  Carbon Farming is a nature-based solution to climate change. Find out more at https://www.carbonfarming.org.au

3. How long until my wine arrives?

If your order is received by 1.00pm (AEST) it will be shipped out via Starshipit and Australia Post on the same day (Monday–Friday). If not, your order will be sent the next business day.

Please note that Australia Post is currently experiencing large volumes of parcels, in addition to reduced flights, and frequent staff shortages due to Covid-19 isolation requirements.  This is impacting delivery times, meaning some orders may take longer than quoted times. 
Express delivery: 1–6 business days
Standard delivery: 4–14 business days

4. What if I don’t like the wine?

We have an online chat function, allowing you to talk  to our wine gurus and discuss your preferences. They'll help you make an informed choice before you buy. We love these wines and hope that you do too, but that said, we know that wine is subjective and what you've ordered may not be exactly what you were hoping for.

We get it, so if the wine isn't faulty and you simply don't like it, you can email us and we'll organise for it to be sent back. We'll even cover postage! Then we'll be in touch to organise an alternative wine (based on your taste) or we'll give you your money back. Just make sure that there's at least 80% of the box left – it's risk-free fine wine!

5. How long will the wine last once opened? Does it really keep for 28 days?

Yes, it really does! The bag that holds the wine protects it from oxygen, which slows the rate of oxidation.

6. Can I cellar this wine?

The wines that we select for Hey Tomorrow are ready to drink now and best enjoyed within a year of the bagging date (as noted on the label). Any later and the wines will begin to lose their freshness due to the permeability of the bags.

7. Can I buy this wine in a bottle?

These wines have been specifically produced for Hey Tomorrow bag in a box.

8. Is the misconception on cask wine true? Or is this genuinely good wine?

Bag in a box was designed in Australia in the 1960s as a way to keep wine fresh. It was predominantly used by bulk wine producers selling lower-priced, lower-quality wines because the packaging was cheaper and more efficient. This led to a 'cheap wine' stigma, which has unfortunately clung on for decades now.   

The good news? This wine is the furthest thing from low quality. It's top-notch stuff from our favourite Australian winemakers and it's yours to enjoy whenever you want. Let's just call it fine wine on your time.

9. How do I dispose of the bag and box once it’s finished?

1. Open up the box and remove the bag.

2. Flatten the box and pop it in your recycling bin.

3. Remove the tap from the bag and give it a quick rinse with water.

4. Once you've collected up to ten bags, you can return the bags to us.

The bags will then be sent for pyrolytic waste conversion.  This is a process which uses thermal heating, in the absence of oxygen, to collect solids, liquids and gases, which can then be used again.

We have mailing bags available on our website that you can add to your order free of charge when ordering a box.  Collect up to 10 bags, (it’s easier on the environment to fill the bag!)

10. How long are your gift cards valid for?

3 years 

11. Where should I store my wine?

For white, rosé or chilled red styles of wine, we recommend storing your Hey Tomorrow box in the fridge. For regular red wines, store the box in a cool, dry spot that's out of direct sunlight.

12. What impact am I having on the planet by purchasing Hey Tomorrow?

There are a number of benefits to purchasing a Hey Tomorrow wine:

• Bag in a box has a 10x lower carbon footprint per litre than the traditional glass bottle equivalent. This is due to reduced energy consumption in production, whilst its lighter weight and shape allows for more efficient transportation.

• Bag in a box protects the wine from spoilage for 28 days after your first pour. Conversely, a bottled wine lasts for just a few days once it's opened, which means Hey Tomorrow not only reduces product waste, but also helps you make healthier choices by spacing your wine consumption out across a longer period of time. 

• Hey Tomorrow donates 50% of profits to improving our planet.  Our first charity partner is The Carbon Farming Foundation, which works with farmers across the food and agricultural sector in Australia to help facilitate farmer-led carbon projects.  Carbon Farming is a nature-based solution to climate change.