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Ray Nadeson, Maree Collis and Adrian Thomas, know great wine. It was a shared passion for Grand Cru Burgundy, and a night of imbibing, that led the trio to establish Lethbridge.
Since that evening, Lethbridge has become well known as a benchmark producer of the ‘natural wine’ movement. They follow organic and minimal intervention philosophies in their vineyards and winemaking. 

Sagrantino is a red grape variety that is indigenous to the region of Umbria in Central Italy, where it typically creates wines that are inky purple, with intense aromas of blackberry, clove, nutmeg, grilled herbs and mocha.

This variety is well suited to the warmer climates of Australia, and is growing in the Chalmers Merbein Vineyard, outside of Mildura.  The wine shows all the classic characteristics of Sagrantino, but in Lethbridge style, it was picked slightly early to keep the alcohol and tannin light.  

The wine it still medium to full bodied with lots of deep dark fruit, think black plums, cherries and blackberries, dark chocolate.  There is lovely forest-y element on the palate reminiscent of pine tree sap and fir needles.

Technical details

Vintage: 2021
Region: Merbein Vineyard - North West Victoria 
Variety: Sagrantino
ABV: 13.5%
Size: 2L
Price: $45 (equal to  $16.88 per standard bottle) 

Vegan friendly
Contains sulphites

Find out more: lethbridgewines.com